the Home Stone of Lara
 in PalGor

PalGor Lara is a simulated online environment based on
the Home Stone of Lara as originally presented in John
Norman's "Gor" fantasy book series.

The Palace is a virtually free Net-based 2D graphic
chat program, and "PalGor", short for Palace Gor, is
the online Gorean society comprised of many
independent Gorean Palaces.  Lara is one of the oldest
Home Stones in PalGor, and is responsible for
innovating many of the proprieties now found commonly
throughout the PalGorian community.

In Norman's novels, Lara is portrayed as a walled
city-state, and an important freshwater port occupying
the strategic juncture of the Vosk and Olni rivers in
North Central Gor. In addition to its nautical
traffic, Lara also lies along the region's easiest
caravan route, all resulting in Lara becoming a
vibrant hub for trade and commerce. Other than it's
distinction of being an important freshwater port,
Lara is otherwise typical of the mighty walled
settlements of central civilized Gor, and similar to
the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.  It's
best known for its reputation for skilled Warriors,
excellent sailors, knowledgeable Scribes and superbly
trained slaves.

In the dangerous world of Gor, treaties and alliances
are very important.  For most of Norman's  time-line,
in addition to being one of the members of the
powerful alliance known as Salerian Confederation,
Lara was allied with Ko-ro-ba and worked closely to
protect the local waterways with its sister city Port

One uncommon characteristic in Gor is the populace's
commitment to democracy, and any Man attempting to
declare himself Ubar of Lara, even in wartime, will
soon find his head staring out lifelessly on a spear
at the main gate, welcoming a warning to others with
similar aspirations.